Last year a team of Korean students traveled to a small island in the Philippines called Bukola, trusting the Lord to open new campuses through SLM’s Catalytic Strategy.

The Korean team met a student who had become a believer only a year earlier. They challenged her to start a ministry on her campus, and this past February a Catalytic staff member from the Philippines visited, to train her in basic follow-up and evangelism. The staff woman continued to coach the student from a distance.

This student began to share her faith with women across her campus. Her brother came to Christ and began sharing with the men. They developed a leadership team of five students to pray and trust God to reach their entire campus. By August, more than 20 students were involved!

Asked what it was like to share the gospel on their very strict campus, the students said, “It is very, very hard.” But when pressed on why they do it, they replied simply, “It’s because of Jesus.”

Three of the four campuses on the island of Bukola now have an entirely student-led ministry presence because of the one student woman who was willing to trust God and respond to His leading. Those three campuses are now coming together to reach the fourth.

Though the Catalytic staff woman continues to coach and encourage the students from a distance, the ministry would remain – without her influence. In this way, SLM is trusting God to greatly multiply our impact through a Catalytic mode of ministry.

by Prayer Journal