There is a region on the African continent known for breeding radicalism, violence and terror. The people are 100 percent committed to their religion, hostile to the gospel and to Jesus. The resistance is so steadfast that Christian leaders say it’s been 1,000 years since they have truly heard the gospel. A national Christian leader had a heart to reach them. He trained and mobilized a group of college students, who volunteered to carry them the gospel. They knew they The students prayed and fasted, loaded up a supply of DVDs in the people’s language, and began the journey…ready to give their lives in service to the Lord. On arrival they were immediately detected. Religious leaders demanded: “Who are you? Why are you here? What are you doing?”


The students answered: “We are here to tell you the good news!” “What’s the good news?” a leader scoffed. The students: “The good news is Jesus, His power to heal and save.”


Religious leader: “Okay, then. I have a challenge for you. We have a man here who has been insane for many, many years. If your Jesus can heal this man, we will follow Him. But if your Jesus fails, you must covert and follow our religion.” Full of faith and courage, the students agreed, saying, “Give us this man.” He acted insane, apparently demonically oppressed. All night the students prayed over him, read the Word and praised their Lord, commanding the demons to release him.


One by one, the demons yielded to the power of the Word and the blood of the Lamb. By morning, there were none left. He was completely delivered. The students cleaned him up, shaved and showered him, cut his nails. They returned to town and presented him to the leaders who had issued the challenge. The impact of the transformation—a man now sane and grateful—proved too much for them to accept. They went back on their word, beat the students and drove them out of town. They locked the man in a small room, commanding him to say nothing. But he could not stay silent. As people walked by his “cell,” he kept glorifying God, shouting out, “Jesus healed me!” The whole town learned what had happened, of the power of Jesus.


Still recovering from their wounds, the news made it back to the students. The original four asked the ministry director if they could return to the town, this time with four more students. He agreed. They went for the center of town, to the large market, where they openly and loudly proclaimed the gospel. Thousands heard: “It is Jesus who healed this man, whom we proclaim to you today. Believe and be healed. Receive Him and be forgiven.” As they preached, the students passed out hundreds of DVDs of “JESUS.” Those religious leaders again stepped in. They had the students arrested and beaten, and this time, thrown into jail where they spent the night with six suspects of an internationally known terrorist group. The group’s leader was crying out all night from back pain, pleading for help. From their cell the students reached out to him: “We have powerful medicine. Jesus can heal you. But you need to believe, repent and give your life to Christ.” He believed and the Lord healed him – a powerful witness to all. That radical leader and his five suspected terrorists all gave their lives to the Lord. Even the police officer who heard their testimony during the night—and saw the miracle—also believed. The result: An underground church was born – where there had not been a single known believer for 1,000 years. The church members included a police officer who had beaten them, a man delivered from demons, six former terrorist and their families!

       That was three years ago. The ministry director recently visited this underground church. He said it was flourishing, having grown to 40 members. They are giving out “JESUS” DVDs that have been provided, have asked for more and are talking of planting a church! God continues to do amazing things among these people. Pray about plans to place a DVD of the “JESUS” film and a player in every home on the African continent.