Dear Global Prayer teammates, GP alumni, and contributing writers, The February-March 2016 issue of Movements Prayer Journal is attached and soon will be also posted at

You will notice that the daily prayer requests are not dated, sothat this special Pray2020 edition can be used over a longer period. I’m sure you will see various ways to use these undated prayer requests and articles.

This prayer journal was definitely a team effort: The prayer points and Scripture passages related to MOLD were selected by Alan Penman. The MULTIPLY items came from John and Joan Tungseth. Sufen Tsai chose the material for MOBILIZE. You can see that Milt, Sheri Onishi and Angela Chang wrote the articles dealing with the 3Ms. We encouraged Sheri and Angela to include an example from LAC and EAOrt, but our aim was to come up with articles that would appeal to other areas and other cultures.

Pray2020 is broadening its scope beyond Cru, to intentionally include the church in 2016. I think you will notice that shift in this year’s prayer journals. The content will be selected with the entire body of Christ in mind, especially starting with the April-May (next) edition.