Not Just a Hearer, but a Doer Also

How does thinking about reaching “everyone” with the gospel change how you do things? Demeke is an evangelist from Ethiopia. He participated in an MC2 training, a four-phase training process to give people a vision for outreach and equip them to launch new churches and faith communities. Demeke faithfully implemented his training. A phase...

Until the Kingdom Comes

Not counting the 1,561,000,000 evangelized non-Christians in the world, or the 1,362,000,000 professing Christians in the world, there are 1,381,000,000 unevangelized persons in the world who are “unaware of Christianity, Christ and the Gospel” (World Christian Encyclopedia, 1982). Jesus Said: Matthew 24:14, “This gospel will first be preached throughout the whole world as a...


  What Are The Top 3 Priorities In Global Mission Today? These top three are taken from the thinking of Dr. Ralph D. Winter. I add in some of my own thoughts as well in this updated look at an important question. Priority One: More Mission Mobilizers We need more pastors, churches, and movements...

How To Help Fulfill the Great Commission

Today I lay before you the greatest challenge ever given to man by the greatest person who has ever lived. No matter how wealthy, famous, brilliant, or powerful you may be, you will never give yourself to any cause that can compare with this life-changing, even world-changing, call of God. No matter how many...

How to Pray for the Persecuted Church

Around the world, many believers are persecuted — imprisoned, even killed — for their faith. Since Jesus laid down His life, 43 million Christians have become martyrs. Right now 200 million people face persecution for believing in Jesus and 60% of those people are children, according to Christians in Crisis International Ministry, a prayer...

Focusing On Your Missionary

Why Do Missionaries Need So Much Prayer? Did you know that more Christians have been persecuted in this century than all centuries combined? No doubt the enemy of darkness is not pleased with the present effort to get the Gospel to every tongue, people and tribe. The light and hope that Jesus is bringing...


Born in Prayer

Praying to Win

Do We Dream of ‘Every…?

How to Mold my Heart

3G: A Way of Life

Born in Prayer